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I 've grown weary of the cost of promoting my work. As a self-published author, everything connected with promoting falls on you. Budgeting for this with other expenses is hard. I have two books out, I just finished a third and editing a fourth. We need all of the help we can get to get our books noticed. Bravo to you for what you are doing.
I'm very into marketing my books and anything that is free is for me. I have eight children's books and six novels with a short story coming out on Kindle for Christmas next week. I'll be posting here often. I'm a shameless self-promoter. someone's got to do it. Wonderful service and I recommend it.

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Free tweets for 7 days to 35000 Readers

We will tweet for 7 days from our twitter account having more than 35000 followers/readers about your book. We will also mention you in the tweets so that readers can contact you directly to purchase your books.

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We will list your book on Authorwall site free for 30 days. Site visitor can directly purchase book from your link provided on Authorwall site. This is a great feature as your book is listed on Authorwall. After 30 days it will cost only $19 per year. If you wish you can cancel any time but then also your book will listed on Authorwall for 1 year.

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Customers reviews

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As my good friend once told me "If it's free it's for me, I'll take three. What is it?" Any place that will allow me to market my books for free is my cup of tea. I have written 8 books, three of them are nonfiction survival books. Thanks for supplying the platform to do so.
Authorwall is an awesome free service that helps indie authors promote their books. I'm very grateful that they have provided me with a place to post details about my mystery novel "...and Never Coming Back."
I think that this is a great idea and any help for free is very appreciated. All my 8 books have been given excellent reviews on Amazon, but promoting them even with over 12,000 visits to my Blog have not meant that sales are anything to be proud about.
With so many book promotion schemes charging the earth for very limited pay-off, it's refreshing to find someone who will post our books for free. Well done! I hope this generosity leads to the growth you hope for.

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