6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story by Salman Aziz

BN ID: 2940154481417
Publisher: Salman Aziz
Publication date: 07/20/2017
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 210 KB



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Everything started on 6th September.
The story is real but unknown to all. All characters are fictional but the actions are true.
Abrar’s death was mysterious because nobody knew why he killed himself.
Abrar was in pain, something really wrong happened to him that forced him to suicide. He had so many secrets that he never told anyone. His pains were the silent killer of himself. His pains were like woodworms which eat all the wood inside, although the wood looks well from the outside.
His parents were totally unaware of this because Abrar never shared anything about those things that hurt him a lot. He was struggling with himself alone to overcome this, but failed! So he had to take this decision to kill himself silently to get away from all the pains that hunted him in every moment.
He tried to distract himself but couldn’t. He put his entire life story in a locked diary. But the diary went missing.
Somebody lost him. Someone took advantage of his death. And the people rumored about him.
The reasons behind his death remained like a very unknown mysterious story.