A Guide to Stress-Free Data Protection Impact Assessments by Deborah Bowers

  • Paperback: 43 pages
  • Publisher: Deborah Bowers (3 Jan. 2019)
  • Language: English


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Our world has changed. Our warfare is now digital as we combat crime and espionage, sabotage and fake news. New rules and laws need to be put in place and procedures which protect us from those who seek to undermine. It is with this in mind that this guide has been written. For those who are new to data protection and in particular data protection impact assessments, this guide will provide some insight. It is not my desire to teach you the fundamentals here, only to demonstrate how it all comes together and how important we all are to ensuring success. The Data Protection Impact Assessment is a requirement under the General Data Protection Regulations, in an attempt to control risk and practise data protection by design. These rules are far reaching and their full impact has not been explored as Europe endeavours to protect itself, essential services and citizens from the possible dangers of vital information falling into the wrong hands. This book moves away from the jargon and focuses on the practical although it is written with telecommunications and technology companies in mind. If you are however seeking an understanding of impact assessments and what is entailed this guide will go a long way to giving you a glimpse of the process.