Alexander Dictionary of English Idioms by M. Harrison

  • Paperback: 403 pages
  • Publisher: Alexander International; 1996 reprint edition (December 31, 1996)
  • Language: French, English


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Our edition of the bilingual Dictionary of English Idioms in various versions (English -French, ISBN 9608534712, English – Swedish, ISBN 9608534720, English-Greek, ISBN 9608534704 etc.), with equivalents and translations in other languages both of the idioms and examples, has been specifically prepared for learners of English, tourists, translators, interpreters, students of the University, secondary education, or of language schools, to help them with unusual syntactical structures of the English language. Also, it is helpful to teachers etc of French, Swedish and Greek languages. It has been approved by the ministries of education in different countries for use in their state schools. It contains all types of phrases (Idiomatic, Prepositional, Phrasal -Verbs, Proverbs, Sayings, etc). This dictionary is an English-French version of the original English – Greek Dictionary of English Idioms (1990), published in 1996 by Alexander International, for English and/or French language learners