Bilge Rat - Pirate Adventurer, Book Three: Demon Pirate by Kevin Charles Smith


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Bilge Rat…Pirate Adventurer – a series by Kevin Charles Smith

Choices we make on a daily basis coupled with ungoverned fate determine our destinies

Book Three: Demon Pirate

A maniacal fiend masquerading as a thieving pirate has intentionally catapulted the entirety of the West Indies into utmost panic and pandemonium. This dastardly hellion’s moniker is the Black Tarantula. Far more demon than mortal, this pirate rogue delights in the torture, persecution and outright slaughter of countless innocents both on land as well at sea. Landlubbers and sailors alike are fraught with harrowing dread and unmitigated apprehension at the mere mention of this degenerate demon’s name.