Eyes Over Earth by J. A. Egan

  • Series: Book One (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 261 pages
  • Publisher: 978-1-64440-375-4 (September 4, 2018)
  • Language: English



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Hard working family man Jim Ignatius Wilson, witnesses the Sun reflect off an alien vessel as it dodges a satellite. The experience is long forgotten by the grind of daily life. Jim moves north due to serious health issues on the advice of the family doctor, taking his wife, Stella and only child, Timothy, to far North Queensland. Rogand, an eternal, decides upon and chooses Jim in a bold plan to help save Earth from extinction. Using saved microscopic life-forms from a dying host he picks Jim to blend with the symbiotes, creating a unique journey for Jim Ignatius Wilson and his symbiotic collective known as Syman. They say one idea can change the world. Now, throw in half a dozen and see what happens. With Earth safe, Rogand, Syman and Jim call upon a select few to join their ever-growing circle of trustees. During this, one of Rogand’s worlds comes under attack from a primitive race. With his new abilities, Jim helps the defenseless humanoids battle their enemy from the sky. A secret plan between Rogand and Syman brings forth the birth of a new child from Namow, causing history to repeat itself; symbiosis has happened only once before on Syman’s world. But as luck would have it, Jim and Syman are a perfect blend, however, on the way to the complete harmony of total symbiosis, Jim ascends to another reality. With Jim now lost, Syman must step up to run the global business of REFIT.