I Connecting by Kristina Kaine

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  • Print Length: 187 pages
  • Publisher: I AM Press; 2 edition (November 30, 2012)
  • Publication Date: November 30, 2012
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  • Language: English



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This book has had two previous titles I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest and I AM The Mystery. The contents remain the same.

This book explains that we are beings of body, soul and spirit and that, for too long, knowledge of our soul and spirit has been ignored. Do we have a complete picture of a car by describing its shell, its shape and colour, while ignoring the engine, mechanics and the driver? The truth is that our physical body without our soul and spirit is just an empty shell. There is a good case to make that, because we think of our total being as just a physical body, we are at such a crisis point.

Anchored deep in the core of our soul is the essence of each human being. The Psychoanalyst Carl Jung identified it as the Self. In this book we refer to the ‘self’ as the “I”, which has an evolving connection with our consciousness.

This “I” can also be called the human spirit. This book gives a clear understanding of the importance of differentiating the “I” from the soul; a distinction that is easily overlooked or obscured. It is the “I” that connects up with the soul by using feeling, thinking and willing as its tools. This can be compared to the driver controlling the car.

When the “I” does not connect up with the soul our feeling, thinking and willing are automatic and unconscious. The “I” is the musician who tries to play the instrument that is our soul; the strings of the instrument are feeling, thinking and willing.

Our “I”, this ‘self’, experiences life through our soul and our body. The “I” is the artist, the soul his work of art and the body is the canvas. Similarly, the “I” is the gardener, the garden is our soul and the soil is our body. The highest expression of the “I” is referred to in sacred writings as the I AM.

This book guides you to an new awareness of yourself. You will be changed.