Over the Edge by Jane Tesh

  • Paperback: 226 pages
  • Publisher: Silver Leaf Books (July 3, 2018)
  • Language: English



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Mel Worthington wasn’t sure what he’d find when he went over the edge into Fairyland. There he was amazed to discover his mother was revered as a goddess known as the Diamond Queen. Mel has a rightful claim to the throne, but his fierce bodyguard assigned to guide him in this world has a claim of her own.

Riley Evensong knows it’s her destiny to rule Eldenfair and is suspicious of this human who’s been asked over by the reigning king to help solve a technical problem. A strange social media fad called Flitter has all the young fae enchanted and is causing havoc, but this is only the beginning of the evil spells drifting in from the Other Side.

Riley must put aside her resentment of Mel, and Mel must come to terms with his emerging magic so together they can save Fairy tales from becoming warped beyond recognition.

Oh, and there’s a talking animal sidekick, of course.