Saving Valentines by Cate Mckoy

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  • Print Length: 8 pages
  • Publication Date: February 28, 2019
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  • Language: English



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Chastity Valenties was being stalked. She didn’t see them, she felt them. Watching, waiting! Her stalker left her notes with a countdown leading to what, she did not know. Did she have a chance against her stalker when the police didn’t even believe she was being stalked? Chastity learned of the frightening statistics of stalkers’ victims and decided she was not going to be added to the numbers. When she has proof that her stalker was inside her home she demands to speak to the supervisor of Kingston Falls’ Stalker Division.

Lieutenant Rick Racuanelli was called from bed in the middle of the night to accomodate an uptight entitled rich… Rick was used to dealing with these types of women. After all, his ex fiancee’ was one of the most entitled uptight socialites in the state. He could handle Ms. Valentines. What he didn’t like was her thinking she could demand the audience of a very busy supervisor of one of the most elite divisions in the whole police department. Rick knew the type and knew just how to handle them.

Rick walked into Chastity’s kitchen and immediately realied he knew exactly jack about Chastity Valentines and he had never met anyone like her. Rick wants to know her personally, but soon realizes that Chastity’s stalker is very real. Rick must catch him before he can do anything to hurt Chastity. Can Rick follow the clues to catch the stalker before his malevolent countdown reaches zero? Can he catch the stalker and save Valentines?