The Lucky Thirteen by AJ Vosse

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  • Publication Date: July 30, 2017
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The Lucky Thirteen – Thirteen short stories that swing from intensely personal to far-flung fantastic. Myth and realism together with the harsh reality of war and greed.

Thirteen unique and dissimilar tales that asked to be lumped together for just that reason. They’re so different they’re the same, each worth a read!

1 – An Ordinary Man: -An assassination on the anniversary of the end of WW11 sets off events that change history. The truth is only uncovered 150 years later on a remote island in the Atlantic.

2 – Do Nothing: -A young officer new to the operational area comes face to face with the effects of war. The battle hardened sergeant explains what happened.

3 – The Severance Package: -A tale of revenge, loss and fulfilment sparked by a six-word outburst. Changing identities and planning the subsequent escape after the ricin plot is carried out.

4 – Now, here’s a Thing: -Two mates sitting in the canteen at work discussing the effects of mass produced medication and the impact Big Pharma has on their lives.

5 – The Blaster’s Daughter: – Set in a rugged South African mountain pass, the story tells of the past and the discovery of the truth.

6 – The Festival of the Two Moon Rising: -Travel to a distant planet to witness the fertility festival that only occurs once every 500 earth years. Experience the sights and sensual perceptions associated with the ceremony and its results.

7 – Dublin Streets – Meeting Oscar Wilde: -I walk through Dublin’s streets to visit Oscar Wilde – his quotes have inspired an interview with the great son of the city.

8 – The House Sitter: -Guy van Rhyn is encouraged to become a house sitter. However, there is an ulterior motive. He’s an artist and creates copies of works in houses he looks after. This leads to the ultimate house sit of his life.

9 – The Old Man and the Fish: -Manuel is old. He finds a book that inspires him to return to the sea one more time. Will he fulfil his desire to emulate Santiago?

10 – My Father: -How a little boy’s life is affected by his mother’s circumstances and how in later life the misconceptions are corrected when he eventually meets his father.

11 – The Dead Pussy Society: -The brotherhood allows a young lady to join their Society. Only, she rises to become their leader, the Supreme One

12 – Diamonds of Myth: – Two village locals hear a rumor about diamonds in the pools beneath the Augrabies Waterfall. How does their plan to recover the gems end?

13 – The Lucky Ones: -Redemption. Answers found in an abbey in the west of Ireland when Martain is taken on a difficult hike by his guide Alina. Destiny laced with sadness as the truth is revealed.