The Storm Tamer by M. Garnet



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Is she insane or is there really an immortal man who can change time and the world through controlling storms, a man that she falls in love with as he takes her beyond storms.


When all the scientist and weather studies still can’t control or protect the world from hurricanes, it seems the best they can do is give warnings that storms are building and moving in a direction.


Margo had to ask herself how was it possible for one man to stand in the middle of a storm and cause it to grow and move and even go away.


Within a storm threatening her own home, she had a strange experience that was like stepping through Alice’s looking glass.  She went to worlds she couldn’t even imagine and have never read about.  She saw damaging storms that changed history and battles.


All of this was in the arms of the man who looked like a fallen angel with magical powers.  Through it, all the only thing she wanted was to return to her Florida home – or was it?