Towering Expectations by Gillie Bowen

  • Paperback: 258 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (11 Nov. 2017)
  • Language: English


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When Patricia meets Freddy, she falls in love. He is everything she had dreamed of: a funny, good-looking, ambitious, intelligent, hard-working and caring man. She is 35. Over the past fifteen years, her hugely successful career as a travel journalist for one of London’s top newspapers has involved long-distance travel, away from home, for weeks on end. There have been a few men in her life but she has not found true love again since she was eighteen. No-one has been able to replace her first love… until Freddy. They meet in the lovely French city of Toulouse, or the ‘Ville Rose’. Freddy is attracted to Patricia: she is very beautiful and half-French, earns big money in a job that keeps her conveniently away from London for weeks on end and she owns a flat in London’s Knightsbridge. As a partner of one of London’s top estate agents, Freddy knows it is highly desirable and worth millions. He is very ambitious and his passion in life is real estate. As well as owning an up-market apartment overlooking the Thames in London’s Docklands, he dreams of owning a house in France and a penthouse in one of London’s most iconic landmarks. He is also an addicted gambler, an alcoholic and a womaniser. Will the leopard change its spots? Will Freddy’s desire for Patricia overcome his gambling and drinking problems? Can he be faithful to the first woman he has ever wanted to share his life with? And can Patricia overcome her idealistic and juvenile dreams of the perfect man? This exciting and dramatic love story is the first book in The Ville Rose Series, a contemporary romantic drama, which is set in London and Toulouse.