True Stories and Other Lies by AJ Vosse

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  • Print Length: 159 pages
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  • Language: English


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True Stories and Other Lies: A collection of short stories so different they’re achingly similar – in their uniqueness.

You’ll never know what to expect next – you can’t, because the storyteller has woven fact and myth together with opinion and fairy-tale. Crime and stealth are just a few elements entangled with history and events of the past.

1 – Ginger Redmond’s Blues:A writer stumbles on a property for sale. There’s only one problem, the dilapidated place overlooks the sea but also the cemetery, and it’s meant to be visited by a distant relative of the sales agent, do they find answers?

2 – The Coin:A coin dating from the past makes a strange appearance on a jetty along a canal close to Dublin. The finder is at first unaware of the coincidences, but it becomes apparent that the coin seems to be linked with unexplained events.

3 – Fixed! A sports journalist gets dragged into apparent irregularities taking place during international cricket games. His informant keeps providing details, but soon demands a book deal as payback. How will the story unfold?

4 – The Last Knight: An archaeologist invites a friend to join her on a very localised dig. They aren’t only digging for treasure that may have been deposited during the Voyages of Discovery, they’re also digging to uncover ancient historic European roots in Southern Africa

5 – Room 717:A seasoned detective is forced to work with a novice, after his partner of many years is found dead in a hotel room – cause of death, a suspected heart attack. Questions arise and the two detectives realise they need help as it seems there may have been more heart attack hotel deaths that need investigating.

6 – Nutflake Kybosh’s Revenge: A young lady appears in a village and seeks answers from a prominent village member – links with past wrongdoing results in the demands for retribution.

7 – Just One Click: An e-mail mistakenly received leads to a cyber analyst becoming suspicious of the source of the mail. Could there be a plot brewing to destabilise western order?

8 – The Golden Thimble: Waking up in hospital with the village priest in attendance is a startling event. The priest, sent by the “Little People” needs answers, only the truth will do if the hospital patient wants to live.

9 – The Dentist: An extremely ugly man, who is shunned from his early days, becomes a dentist but has little chance of practicing – until he is offered a position on a dissident internment island somewhere in the wild North Atlantic. How will he cope?

10 – The Crash of Flight PZ-244: The air crash investigation team are getting nowhere with their investigation – until the investigation lead wonders about a strange stain seen on a photo? Do the team solve the riddle?

11 – The Fossil: A scientist disappears for months and then contacts an acquaintance asking for help. He needs a few DNA samples tested and verified. What have they found? A new species?

12 – Manhood’s Promise: A mother must keep her promise to her late husband and arranges an elaborate coming of age set of events for her only son.

13 – The Near Miss: A student pilot sees what he believes is an apparition. His officer commanding shares what is known about the sighting – and warns of impending danger.

14 – Eva-Anne’s Pain: A journalist visits an island off the European coast in search of a story about the impact of the migrant crisis on the island’s inhabitants. He discovers more than he anticipated.