What's Done in The Dark by Tiffany Terri Wallace


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John and Kellisha seemed to have it all on the outside, however; their move to beautiful Hollywood California to start their own business and a chance meeting with another couple would cause dire circumstances, especially when secrets begin to spill out into their so-called perfect marriage, infidelity comes out to play, and the past shows up. Everyone has something to hide and will do anything to keep their secrets buried, anything may happen, with the potential for everything to come crumbling down piece by piece. Their secrets, pasts well hidden, and roaring hormones will cause them to turn a side eye and do whatever’s necessary. Every part will bring you further and further into their world, and closer to their truths. This story deliberately builds and builds making you want to find out what happens next, until the final explosion. The aftermath, horrible truths, a horrible, horrible calamity…All things in the dark…come to light.