Whispering Arising by Gwendolyn I Cahill & Jay Z

  • Paperback: 289 pages
  • Publisher: Literary Pearls (February 16, 2019)
  • Language: English



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The body count is raising in this hot thriller. Susan Burton, a wife of Omari Thomas, moonlights as an artist and fiction writer, but when the fictitious words on the page suddenly turn deadly her novel is wanted by many. Her sudden rise in fame in the literary world comes with an expensive price tag and fierce competition from a little-known St. Thomas U.S.V.I. publisher. Omari Thomas’ professionally recorded sister, Renee Thomas-Norman wife of Rev. George Norman, Sr. tragic murder leads to a series of unreported and unresolved murders laced with a mysterious political flavor. Her sensational death printed on the front page of every New York City newspaper stuns all. Black Friday now carries a somber meaning for Rev. George Norman, Sr. His deceased wife’s funeral and burial on Black Friday cast a heavy cloud of anguish. She’s a star but her star no longer shines. Her sensational death printed on the front pages of every New York City newspaper. “I’ll never forget that day, Swoop. The day I lost my wife to the streets.”This up-to-the-minute thriller novel is full of unexpected twist and turns. Detective Ted Swoop, world renown art theft, and certified cyber-crime specialist are armed and dangerous. He has the skills to resolve the sensational crimes associated with the ladies with the pristine smile in this page-turning urban fiction political thriller that’s partially based on true crime.